The Lost Secret of Career Success

When it comes to career success, the best advice is offered by Socrates, “Know thyself!” There’s a popular beer commercial, where the most interesting man says, “The secret to succes


The Mystery of Cigarette Smoking

Out of the millions of people who smoke cigarettes probably not a single one of them knows why. Nor do the great majority of psychologists and psychiatrists understand why people smoke. Nor


The Mystery of Anxiety

What is anxiety? It’s not synonymous with stress! Rather, stress is merely the physical dimension of anxiety. In other words, stress is how anxiety registers in your body. In your shoulder


The Mystery of Malevolence

As you might note, I haven’t written an essay in quite a while. That is because I’ve been busy with the publication of my new book, “The Paranoid Vision: Deciphering the My


The Deeper Meaning of the Winter Blues

Four years ago, I wrote a short essay on the winter blues. I posted it on my other websites, and, but not here on my blog. If I had more time, I


The Devolution of Erotic Love into a Battle to Prove Moral Superiority

About 2500 years ago, somewhere in ancient Athens, there was a drinking party. As Plato tells it, each of the guests was required to give a speech about the nature of love. Among the illustr


The Symbolic Appeal of Hatha Yoga & the Problem of Symptom Substitution

How can one explain the ever-growing popularity of hatha yoga? What does it reveal about the zeitgeist that millions of people are seeking to bend, turn and twist themselves, like a pretzel,


The Unfortunate Influence of Kant’s Epistemology on Men’s Suits & Ties

Executive Summary: What is real? Is it matter or is it form? To be masculine is to owe one’s allegiance to form, identity, law, essence and structure. The subscription to form as the real

Obsessions & Compulsions

A Clue to the Motivation of the Colorado Killer

An enraged lunatic, who goes on a killing spree, doesn’t murder randomly. On the contrary, there is a method to his madness; he targets a certain group of people. His choice of victims


The Mystery of Chief Justice John Roberts

Often the best way to understand a person is by contrasting him with someone who faced a similar type of crisis. Consider Sir Thomas More, who lived during the early part of the Sixteenth Ce


The Psychological Fascination with Batman

How very different are the world’s of Superman and Batman. Superman inhabits the heavenly realm of Apollo, assuggested by the iconic image of him flying through the sky. He even comes to


The Seven Most Dangerous Insights

“Believe me! The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously.”— Friedrich Nietzsche     Summary: In the pages that